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Trendy Fish Soup Base

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Trendy Fish Soup Base

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Fish soup is a popular dish in China. A tasty and fresh soup base is essential for a delicious fish soup when mixed with your favorite vegetables, fish balls, noodles or other ingredients.

The preparation of fish soup base requires a lot of work and could make your whole house smell fishy with a traditional wok. AirGO helps to reduce the smell in the houses and keep your kitchen clean! With AirGO’s help, nothing can stop you from delicious food!

The picture shown is one example of fish soup noodles. You can also create your own fish ball soup or toufu fish soup.



Prepare Ingredients

- You can buy fish bones from some supermarkets or prepare it from whole fish.
-- To fillet fish bones from whole fish, remove the heads and inside from fish and clean them thoroughly. Remove the meat for other dishes.
- Marinate fishbones with ginger, green onion, salt and cooking wine for 15 minutes.
- Drain the marinating juice away.


Cooking with AirGO

- Preheat AirGO air-fry function to 400F and set time to 10 minutes.
- Add oil, marinated fish bones (with ginger and green onions) from the last step, and white peppercorn powder into the cooking pan.
- Cook until indicators shows “flip”
- Use a spatula to stir around. Close the lid and allow it to cook until times up.
- Open lid, change AirGO's function to heat base function of 420F
- Add boiling water and cook until water boil for 3mins (open lid operation)



- must cool off the soup (until warm or room temperature) and take ginger and green onion out
- Pour into a blender until well blended
- Filter the soup a bowl with cheesecloth
- Your fish soup base is ready for use


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