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Holiday Season Coconuts Bread

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300g Bread flour
135g milk
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast/active dry
1 Large eggs
30g Sugar
30g Room temperature Unsalted Butter
1/4 tsp Salt
30g room temperature for filling Unsalted Butter
30g for filling Sugar
30g for filling Unsweetened Coconut Flake
1 for filling Egg White
1 for brush on the top of bread Egg Yolk

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Holiday Season Coconuts Bread

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    I am amazed that AirGO can bake Coconuts Bread so well!

    An 8 inch round baking pan was used inside the AirGO cooking pan. I have used the original recipe to make the dough. Just remember to shape the dough about a half-inch high for baking. The amazing part is baking Coconuts Bread with AirGO shortens 30% of the baking time.

    I made half-filling Nutella for healthy purposes.



    Prepare ingredients

    - Warm milk to about 90F, add 15g sugar and yeast to activate the yeast. (Wet ingredients) Set aside for mixing later.

    - In a mixer, add bread flour, 15g of sugar and salt. Mix at low speed.

    - Add wet ingredients and the egg into the mixer.

    - Beat all together as a dough

    - Add butter and set the speed to highest and mix for about 15mins

    - cover with a towel for about 30-60 mins depends on room temperature to allow it raise to the double for the size. And it will not bounce back if you poke a hold in the middle.

    - To make the filling, mix butter, sugar, unsweetened coconut flakes and egg white together with a whisk. Set aside ready for use.


    Add filling for second raising

    - after first raise, take the dough out
    - using the rolling pin to push the air out and flat the dough
    - Add the filling evenly on the flat dough
    - fold and roll the dough from wide side
    - sealed edge by pinching it
    - cut into small pieces about half-inch wide.
    - cover with towel for second raise for about 30mins


    Baking with AirGO

    - Set AirGO to oven function at 375F and 18mins

    - Place the dough into AirGO after preheating complete. Bake until done.

    - Remove from AirGO and let cool on a cooling rack. Once cool to warm to touch, remove from baking pan, sprinkle some sugar powder

    - Serve warm or at room temperature.


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