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AirGO Three cups Chicken(爱锅三杯鸡)

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4 pieces Boneless skinless Chicken thigh
Pinch Salt
1tbs corn starch
1tbs Cooking wine
4cloves Minced Garlic
40ml Sake
40ml Sesame oil
20ml Soy Sauce
20ml Dark soy sauce
5pc Ginger sliced
1 stick Green Onion
About 30 pieces Basil

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AirGO Three cups Chicken(爱锅三杯鸡)

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    The “3 cups” is the star of this dish, as it represents one cup of sake, one cup of sesame oil and one cup of soy sauce to make the sauce. Although this can also depend on the quality of chicken, usually the sauce measurement is 1:1:1.

    Here is the AirGO version of this dish, which is easier, faster, delicious and with no messes made in the kitchen.



    Prepare ingredients

    - Cut the chicken thigh to 1 inch cubes
    - Marinate it with cooking wine, corn starch, a pinch of salt and minced garlic for 15 minutes
    - Wash and dry the basil leaves
    - Slice the ginger into strips
    - Cut green onion
    - Make sauce with Sesame oil, sake, soy sauce (half normal soy sauce and half dark soy sauce) and Sugar (Per for 5 to 6 pieces rock sugar)


    Cooking with AirGO

    - Preheat AirGO air fry function at 400 F for 20 minutes
    - After preheating, spray some oil in the pan and add marinated chicken in the pan evenly (you might need couple of batches to cook them all) then spray some oil on the top of the chicken, close the lid cook for 6 minutes each batch.
    - After Air fryer all the chicken, Take them out to plate for use.
    - Air fry the basil leaf about two or three minutes
    - Move basil leaf to a plate
    - Change AirGO function to bass heat for 420F about 15mins
    - Add fried the chicken thighs, sauce, ginger and green onion ( add dry chili if favorite spicy)
    - Open the AirGO lid and change to a regular lid (13"), until the sauce starts bubbling and then reduced the temperature, once it gets thickening please add prepared basil leave. Then stir well.
    - Add a little bit of salt if it is needed.


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