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Soy Sauce Braised Belt-fish

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1 Large Belt-fish
4-5 slices for marinate fish Ginger sliced
1 for marinate fish Green Onion
2 tsp for marinate fish Cooking wine
Pinch for marinate fish Salt
1 tbs for sauce Dark soy sauce
1 tbs for sauce Soy Sauce
1 tbs for sauce Dark rice vinegar
2 tsp for sauce Sugar
1/4 cup for sauce Warm water
2 Dry Chili
4-5pc Ginger sliced
2 Green Onion
2 tbs Oil

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Soy Sauce Braised Belt-fish

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    Video: SoySauceBraisedBeltFish.mp4



    Prepare Ingredients

    - Clean & cut Belt-fish
    - dry the pieces thoroughly with kitchen towels
    - marinate with sliced ginger, green onion, salt and cooking wine for 20 mins

    -While marinating belt-fish, prepare addtional sliced ginger, chopped green onion and dry chili. Set aside for later use.

    -Prepare sauce with the following
    * 2 tsp sugar dissolved in 1/4 cup water.
    * add 1 tbs of dark soy sauce
    * add 1 tbs of light (or regular) soy sauce
    * add 1 tbs of dark rice vinegar


    Cooking with AirGO

    - Set AirGO airfry 400F for 20 mins with parchment paper

    -Coat the belt-fish pieces with cornstarch while AirGO preheats

    -Add oil in the pan after preheating, place belt-fish evenly over the parchment paper. Cook until AirGO shows “flip”
    -Flip each belt-fish piece, cook until time is up

    -Remove parchment paper
    -Change the setting to base heat 420F for 10 mins

    -Add the prepared sauce, green onion, ginger, and chili in the pan.
    -Flip the fish
    -Cover with a 13-inch wide lid
    -Cook until time is up

    -Garnish with some green onion before serving.


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