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Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl (Lu Rou Fan)

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1.5lb Pork Belly
4 Egg
4pcs Shanghai Bokchoy
8pcs Shallot
8pcs Shiitake mushroom
1 tbs Oil
3pcs-braise Star Anise
1 pc- braise Cinnamon stick
3 pcs- braise Bay Leave
4-5 pcs-braise Ginger sliced
0.5oz- braise Rock Sugar
2 tbs- braise Cooking wine
1/4 tsp- braise Five spice powder
2 tbs- braise Dark soy sauce
3 tbs- braise Soy Sauce
2 cup- braise Hot Water

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Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl (Lu Rou Fan)

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Lu Rou Fan is the most iconic Taiwanese dishes. Just one bite can fulfill your mouth and your satisfaction. However, there are too many cookwares involved in preparing this delicious food — pan, wok and a pot for just cook “lu rou” braise pork part.

Cooking with AirGO can make it a lot easier, and with less cookware. Using airfry function instead of a pan to release aroma of shallots; using grill function to seal the pork as the wok does; and using the base heat for the braise stage. And all of these cooking with the same cooking pan of the AirGO. Therefore, with only limited cookware, you can still bring this delicious dish to your dinner table.





Prepare Ingredients

- Dice pork bell or Boston butt into fingernail size.
- Dice or slice shallots
- Dice Shitake mushroom
- Cook some rice for use later
- Hard boil eggs, peeled for use later
- Clean some Bokchoy, boil in the hot water for 4 mins, move and drain them, set aside for use later.
- Boil hot water for use later


Cooking with AirGO——Airfry Shallots

- Set up AirGO to airfry function for 400F 10mins with lined parchment paper.
- After preheating, add chopped shallots in the pan, sprinkle some oil, mix them well.
- Cook until shows "FLIP" give a little stir cook until times up or shallots turning golden brown.
- Move it into a plate for use later.


Cooking with AirGO——Grill Pork

- Change AirGO function to grill for 420F 6 mins, add diced pork in the pan.
- Cover the lid and cook until time's up.


Cooking with AirGO ——Braise Pork

- Remove parchment paper from the pan ( If used)
- Change AirGO function to base heat 420F 40mins.
- Add star anise, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, sliced fresh ginger, rock sugar, chopped shiitake mushroom, cooking wine, prepared shallots, five spicy powder, soy sauce , dark soy sauce and 2 cup of water.
- Change to a normal lid cover the pan, cook until boiled, add prepared eggs in the pan, cook together.
- Stir couple time during cook. Time is adjustable according to your favor of the thickness
- Serving with rice and Bokchoy.


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