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AirGO Di San Xian (eggplant, potato and pepper)

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1-2 Chinese Eggplants
1 medium size Potatoes
1 medium size Bell Pepper
2 tbs Oil
3 tsp for sauce Soy Sauce
1 tsp for sauce Sugar
1 tsp for sauce Oyster Sauce
1 tsp for sauce corn starch
5 tsp for sauce Warm water

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AirGO Di San Xian (eggplant, potato and pepper)

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    Di San Xian is a famous vegan dish from China.  The name of this dish meaning “the three delicious things from the earth” which you have to deep fry eggplant, potato and pepper first. But with AirGO’s airfry function, we could skip these messy and unhealthy process, and make it simple, healthy and tasty!



    Prepare Ingredients

    - Cut the eggplant in half lengthwise and then slice crosswise into wedges, no more than 1 inch wide, soak it in the water. (drain them well before use)
    - Cut potato in quarter lengthwise and slice crosswise into wedges, but make sure it thinner than eggplants. (We want cook all together, therefore we want to make sure all would be cooked in the same time)
    - Cut bell pepper in to pieces similar size as potatoes
    - Slice 4 cloves of garlics
    - Making sauce: 3 tsp of soy sauce + 1 tsp of sugar + 1 tsp of oyster sauce + 1 tsp of cornstarch + 5 tsp of warm water


    Cooking with AirGO

    - Set AirGO to airfry function at 420F for 15 minutes with lined parchment paper in the pan. Add about 1 tbs of oil in the pan while start preheating.
    - After preheat, add all vegetables and garlic in the pan, add another 1 tbs of oil and mixing all together.
    - Cover the lid until LED shows "FLIP", stir and flip vegetables then close the lid again. Cook until time's up.
    - Add sauce mixture in the pan, stir with the remaining heat until the sauce getting thicker.
    - Serving with rice would be the best combination!


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