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Simple Chicken Potato

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Simple Chicken Potato

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    This recipe is designed only for usage in the AirGO. This chicken and potato dish is extremely simple and quick to make for a family. With the AirGO, cooking is straightforward and anyone can make mouthwatering food.

    This receipt is using a kind of seasoning called ” New Orleans Roasted Wings Seasoning” which you can find in Chinese grocery store recently. Otherwise, you can use a similar homemade sauce instead.

    Here is the homemade sauce version.




    - Cut potato into cubes
    - Cut Chicken thighs into big chunk
    - Mix all the ingredients together for 20mins in the fridge
    - Preheat AirGO Grill function by default setting 520F 15mins.
    - Line aluminum foil in the pan, spray some oil on the bottom,
    - Toss all the chicken and potato into pan after preheat.
    - Stir a bit while the digital shows "flip"
    - Once the cooking time is up, use a paper towel to dry the juice.
    - Press the "Start" button to extend the time for 3 more minutes.
    - Garnishing white sesame seeds before serving


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