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Pigs in a blanket (热狗酥)

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1 Frozen Roti
1 Egg
8 Mini hot dogs

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Pigs in a blanket (热狗酥)

    • Medium




    Pigs in a blanket is also named mini hot dog croissant . You can find the “blanket” as roti or croissant rolls in grocery store. Mainly, you are looking for puff pastry.  Here I use one roti to make 8 pigs in a blankets.

    It’s one of all set breakfast/ snack from AirGO. Due to using an egg brush on top of mini pastry, and the left over egg can make a scramble egg in the pan. It’s a perfect breakfast.

    If you made more pigs in a blanket and you can freeze them and reheat in AirGO oven 350F for 10mins whenever you want.



    - Take a frozen roti out wait until soft and cut to triangle.
    - Wrap mini hot dogs in the roti
    - Beat an egg
    - Preheat AirGo Oven 380F for 15 mins with a parchment paper
    - Lay pastries on the pan after preheated.
    - brush egg on top of pastry
    - Bake for 15mins or longer for the color you desire
    optional sprinkle some sesame seeds on the pastry.
    - The left egg can cook as a scramble egg just use the same pan and heat.


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