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Tomato Cod (Vietnamese style)

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3 fillet thawed Cod
about 3 tbs after chopped Fresh Dill
4 medium size tomato
1 large onion
2 tbs Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Salt optional quantity
Roman Lettuce
Cooked Rice

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Tomato Cod (Vietnamese style)

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    I have been looking for a healthy way to cook seafood here, but most of time we only can find frozen fish fillet.  I got this receipt from my Vietnamese friend. It is clean taste (a bit sour and salty) with very healthy ingredients. All of our friends and their children loved it.

    The dish is easy and simple to make it even on the stove, but using  AirGO to cook it is easier, AirGO controls temperature very well, and also no need to keep eye on the stove.

    Here is the receipt, enjoy!

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    Prepare ingredients

    - cook some rice
    - thawing frozen cod fillet
    - chop tomatoes and slice onions
    - fine chop fresh dill
    - slice some roman lettuce



    - Preheat AirGO Oven function 400F 25 mins
    - After preheat, toss onion at bottom then tomatoes, on top of some olive oil and salt to cook about 15 mins
    ( mainly the tomato will be juicy sauce texture)
    - Add cod on top of the sauce cook for about 7 mins, pour some sauce over the cod (if the cod easy flake it means done)
    - Add dill and then cover about 2 mins before serving.
    (add time if cod is thicker)

    Suggest serving with rice and roman lettuces


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