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Keto Friendly – Roasted pumpkin seeds

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6oz Organic Pumpkin Seeds

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Keto Friendly – Roasted pumpkin seeds

  • Vegan
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Roasting seeds and nuts at home can be a great idea, especially if you’re on a low-carb diet. By doing so, you can control the amount and source of ingredients, and enjoy the health benefits of these tasty snacks. The AirGO hand-free robotic stir fry function is particularly helpful for cooking nuts at a lower temperature to preserve their nutrition, while also allows you perform other tasks while meal is cooked.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals like manganese and vitamin K, both of which are important in helping wounds heal. They also contain zinc, a mineral that helps the immune system fight bacteria and viruses. But they also are high in calories, so limit your portions to help manage a healthy weight.



Cooking with AirGO

- Install AirGO robotic stir fry sets.
- Set the AirGO Stir-fry function to 200°F and 15 minutes cooking time
- Allow the AirGO to preheat until it reaches the desired temperature.
- Add pumpkin seeds to the pan.
- Let the nuts cook until the cooking time is up.
- Turn off the AirGO and remove the pan.
- While the seeds are still warm, toss them with your favorite herbs, spices, maple syrup or salt to add additional flavor.


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