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Delicious Eggplant Pot

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5 Chinese Eggplants
Oil spray
1 tbs Chili Bean Sauce
3 clove sliced garlic
5 pcs Ginger sliced
1 tbs for sauce Soy Sauce
1 tbs for sauce Dark soy sauce
1 tsp for sauce Sugar
1 tbs for sauce Cooking wine
1 tsp for sauce corn starch
2 tbs for sauce Warm water
1 tbs Oil
Chop some for garnish Green Onion

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Delicious Eggplant Pot

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    Eggplant Pot is a must-order dish in Chinese restaurant. Because you need to use a lot of oil to deep fry the eggplants first.

    You don’t have to worry about it if you cooking with AirGO. By using AirGO air fryer function which can help you make the complex and delicious food a lot easy and healthy.



    Prepare ingredients

    - Cut Chinese eggplant into strips and soaking in the water.
    - To make sauce: mix soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, cornstarch and water all together, set aside and ready for use.


    Cooking with AirGO - Airfry

    - Preheat AirGO Airfry function for 400F 15 minutes (each batch about 15 minutes)
    - After preheating, line parchment paper into pan land spray some oil on the parchment paper
    - Add drained eggplants into the pan and spray some oil on top of the eggplants.
    - Cooking until shows “flip”
    - Eggplants appeal golden brown color.
    - Repeat above step until all the eggplants has been cooked.
    - Set them aside ready for use.


    Cooking with AirGO- Base Heat

    - Remove parchment paper
    - Switching AirGO function to base heat for 420F 15 minutes.
    - Add oil in the middle of the pan
    - Add chili bean sauce in the pan and stirring until the oil change to clear red color
    - Add garlic, ginger and ground pork (or sliced pork)
    - Stir until the pork changes color
    - Add airfried eggplants and sauce
    - Give some stirring for sauce covering eggplants evenly
    - Change to another 13inch lid, cover until boiling
    - Garnishing green onion before serving.


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