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Beef Enoki Mushroom Roll

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10 oz about 20 pcs Thin sliced beef
1 pack Enoki Mushroom
Oil spray
pinch himalayan pink salt
pinch Black Pepper
1 tbs Coconut Aminos soy sauce + mirin+ sugar
2-3 pcs garlic

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Beef Enoki Mushroom Roll

      • Medium




      Beef Enoki Mushroom Rolls are a mouthwatering appetizer that combines savory beef and delicate enoki mushrooms. These bite-sized Japanese rolls are crafted to perfection, making them an ideal addition to any Japanese-inspired meal. With their irresistible flavor and presentation, these rolls are bound to be a hit, quickly vanishing from the table as guests clamor for more.



      Prepare Ingredients

      - Cut the enoki mushroom in half, and separate it into the desired bunch
      - wrap enoki mushroom with thin-sliced beef, use toothpicks to stable them before cooking, drizzle black pepper and salt
      - Sauce, if you have coconuts amino, you don't have to make the sauce, if you don't have them, you can mix soy sauce with some sugar.
      - Slice garlic for use later


      Cooking with AirGO

      - Set AirGO grill function to 400 F for about 10 mins with lined parchment paper
      - After preheating, place beef enoki rolls in the pan, remove toothpicks and spray oil on top of them.
      - Cook until LED shows filp, after flip them, please add mixed sauce or coconut amino on the beef rolls.
      - Cook until times up, move the beef rolls into a plate, and drizzle the sauce on top of them
      - Eat with garlic which has unique flavor


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