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Crispy Sliced Pork (锅包肉)

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1.5lb Boston butt
1tbs Cooking wine
Pinch for marinade Salt
1 tsp Five spice powder
Pinch for batter Salt
1 tbs corn starch
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup water
For garnish carrots
For garnish cilantro
3 cloves garlic
White part Green Onion
1 tbs Pepper Salt Powder
Oil spray

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Crispy Sliced Pork (锅包肉)

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    Crispy slice the pork has two versions one is salt peppercorn flavored, and another one is sweet and sour flavored

    The recipe here is salt peppercorn, if you would like to try sweet and sour, you can switch salt peppercorn powder to the sauce which mix with 1 tbs sugar and 1tbs white vinegar and pinch of salt.

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    Prepare ingredients

    -Sliced Boston butt and marinade it with salt and cooking wine for 15 minutes.

    -Batter: Mixing Salt,five spicy powder, cornstarch all purpose flour and water all together.

    -Add marinated meat into batter.mix well and evenly. Make sure each sliced meat has covered with batter.

    -Thin stripe green onion white parts and carrots

    -Slice garlic


    Cooking with AirGO- Airfry

    -Preheat AirGO air-fry function for 400F 18 minutes (each batch about 15-18 minutes)

    -After Preheat, line with parchment paper and spray with oil. Place the meat slices in the pan and cook until turn over as shown.

    -Place all fried meat in a plate ready for use. And remove parchment paper.


    Cooking with AirGO- Base Heat

    -Switch AirGO function to base heat 420F

    -Add oil in the middle of the pan

    -Add thin striped carrots and green onion white part, sliced garlic and salt pepper corn powder for aroma

    -Add fried meat and Cilantro into the pan, and mix all together.


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