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Beef grilled Shishito pepper

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1.5 cup Stir Fry Beef
1 tsp for marinate beef Cooking wine
Pinch for marinate beef Salt
1/2 tbs for marinate beef Oil
1 tbs for marinate beef Oyster Sauce
1 tbs for marinate beef corn starch
8oz Shishito Peppers
1 tbs Oil
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Sugar

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Beef grilled Shishito pepper

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Shishito pepper has mild taste pepper flavor with a bit sweetness, it’s a delicious and full of multi vitamins. Using AirGO grill function to cook it bring up the taste like stir fry with less oil and simple operation.

Beef grilled shishito pepper

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Prepare ingredients

1.5 cup of sliced beef marinated with
- 1 tsp cooking wine
- pinch of salt
- 1/2 tbs oil
- 1 tbs of cornstarch
- 1 tbs of oyster sauce.

-8oz shishito pepper
Removed seed and Sliced it


Cooking with AirGO

-Set AirGO grill Function for 420F about 12 minutes with parchment paper

-After preheat, brush oil in the pan
Add marinated beef in the pan evenly
-Cook for about 6 mins.

-When the digital shows 6 mins left, add shishito pepper, pinch of salt and pinch of sugar in the pan mixing with beef, cook until times up.


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