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AirGO grill Beef short ribs

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AirGO grill Beef short ribs

  • Gluten Free
  • 10 minutes
  • Easy




We love Beef Short Ribs. Usually, we BBQ them outdoors. In winter time it is always hard for us to BBQ it. I tried a few times on stove top, oil always splattered everywhere. I was afraid of trying it any more on stove top. Since I got AirGO, I would like to try in it. It was fabulous! No smoke, no oil splatter, and grilled ribs tasted perfect. It was exactly like the taste we BBQ outdoors and without burning corners. If you like vegetables for the side dish, you can add some such as asparagus, spinach, or tomatoes, etc. when it is time to flip. You will get your cooker meal. AirGO is totally what I am looking for!

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Marinate Beef Short Rib with 2-4 ingredients

Select AirGO Grill function. Stay at default temperature 420F, set the time 5-6 minutes.
Brush little bit cooking oil in Cooking pan. Press "Start" button. After Preheating finished, place Beef Short Rib as picture showed into cooking pan. Flip once as flip indicator reminds you.
Ready and serve


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