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Stuffed Chicken Breast

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Stuffed Chicken Breast

AirGO cooked Costco Stuffed Chicken Breast

  • Gluten Free
    • 23 minutes
    • Easy




    We shop at Costco a lot, and we like Costco’s food, especially meat. They are very fresh. Last weekend we purchased stuffed chicken breast which were marinated already.  Then I thought to give AirGO a try. Following the instruction on the food package, it suggested to toast them in oven for 43 minutes. I thought I would shorten the time as AirGO suggested and see how it would turn out.

    First, I chose AirGO’s Oven function and set the temperature and time at 350F and 15 minutes. After the preheating was completed I placed 2 Chicken Breast directly on the cooking pan.  I saw the breast changing color little by little through the glass lid. When it was cooked for 12 minutes or so, I opened the lid to check for doneness. I cut one piece open, it looked cooked already. But I wanted them to be crispier, so I  set the AirGO to Grill for 10 minutes. AirGO still went through another preheating process. It did make sense since the oven function was 350F, but grill function requires 420F. I took closer look to the chicken breast, and see how it would turn out. Actually after the preheating was done, it only took another 3 minutes for the outside to turn golden. Then I took both Chicken Breasts out. You can look the below pictures for the cooked chicken breast. Amazing!

    I saved almost half of the suggested cooking time.

    The chicken breast tasted so juicy and tender. It is the best result ever!



    1. Select AirGO Oven function. Set the time and temperature at 13 minutes 350F.
    2. After the preheating process is done, place 2 pcs of stuffed Chicken Breast in the cooking pan.
    3. Once the Oven cooking process is completed, select Grill function and set the time at 3 minutes.
    4. Ready to serve


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