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Myulchi Bokkeum (Stir-fried Anchovies)

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Myulchi Bokkeum (Stir-fried Anchovies)


    AirGo Function: Grill

    • Medium




    This is very popular  receipt as snack or flavor rice in Korean and Japan, especially good for children.  One of my Korean friend showed me how to make it in pan which already drive me crazy, because you need to wash the anchovies and stir for a long time make it dry, and full house smell fishy, but my kid loved it, I never see her finish all the food by herself, she is 18 months now. Well, if she loved it, then even its smells while or after you cooking, mama gonna make them.

    I decided to use AirGo for cooking the receipt and it turned out better than pan fry, short amount of time, crispy and chewy, the most important is whole house is not smelly. light a candle after you cook, its prefect.

    Its less than 15 mins which depends on how dry/crispy do you want it be. Compare to my friend who use almost 30 mins with simmer heat to stir fry again and again, So AirGo won!





    - Rinse anchovies and drain them well.
    - making sauce: mirin, glucose syrup, sugar mix together.


    Preheat AirGo Grill Function

    -Preheat AirGo Grill in 400F 15mins with grape seeds oil.
    - Add prepared anchovies into the pan, mix with oil evenly.
    - it looks dry and a bit dark color after 5 mins, add almonds and mix them together, for another 3 mins.
    -open the lid, and use spatula to make some room in the middle of the pan and pour sauce into the middle of the pan. cover the lid for 30s.
    -mix sauce with anchovies well, and cover the lid for another 3 mins
    - add sesame seed and sesame oil, 2tsp sugar (optional if you like sweeter)
    - store in a container after cool well.


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