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AirGO cook Frozen dumplings

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Adjust Servings:
454G Frozen dumplings
1/4 cup water
1-2 TBS oil Olive Oil Brush on cooking pan

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AirGO cook Frozen dumplings

    • 370F
    • 20 minutes include preheating time
    • Serves 3
    • Easy




    My friend recommended me to buy an AirGO. Actually, I’ve already had a lot of kitchen appliances at home. I was hesitate to buy another one. But after I learned how she used her AirGO, I promptly bought one, and use it almost every day. The amazing part for me is AirGO so easy to make a lot varieties of food, even some hard ones they can make it too. I am very impressed. For example:  Frozen Dumplings which I had hard time to make it successfully in regular frying pan on stove top. I either burn it or couldn’t cook it thoroughly. But with my AirGO, it is so simple and easy, it is just set the time and temperature and wait until it is ready. The result is great and consistent every time!

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    Select AirGO Crepe/Naan function, adjust the setting 370, 15 minutes.
    Brush cooking Oil in cooking pan, and add 1/4 cup of water at the same time. Then place the frozen dumpling in cold cooking pan without preheating process. It is to defrost frozen food more naturally and make taste better.
    Press start button, and wait until it reminds you to flip.
    Ready and serve.


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