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AirGO Air Fried Garlic Rib

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Pork rib 1-1.5 LB Pork Rib if the rib is too thick you can split to two layers, and chop them if you like
Soy Sauce 3 Tbs
Oyster Sauce 1 tbs
garlic 10 garlic clove, mince them
Sugar 1 tsb

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AirGO Air Fried Garlic Rib

  • Gluten Free
    • 410F
    • 23 minutes including preheating time
    • Easy




    If you are tired of making stewed ribs, you should try Air Fried Garlic Rib. I received my AirGO about couple of weeks ago, I tried Garlic Rib once, that was very successful. But by the time I didn’t take photos for it. I would like to try it again today, since it is so easy, fast and so delicious. My kids love them very much!

    It only took me 17-18 min to cook it in AirGO, the beauty part is I used parchment paper when I air fried them After the cooking process is done, throw away the parchment paper. I don’t even have to wash my pan! What a help!


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    Marinate Pork Rib for couple of hours

    Wash Pork Ribs and wipe them dry.
    Add 2-5 source mix in Pork Ribs and massage a little while, then let them marinate.
    Few hours is fine.


    Cook in AirGO

    Select AirGO Air Fry function, adjust the setting 410F 17 min
    Press "Start" button, after preheating finished. place the parchment paper in and lay marinated pork ribs on it.
    Once it is done, take air fried ribs out and toss the paper away.
    Ready and Serve.
    No need to wash your cooking pan!

    lazy mom

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