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AirGO Sukiyaki (beef udon noodle dish with vegetables)

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1lb Thin sliced beef
1 pack Soft tofu or firm
1/4 Nappa Cabbage
6oz Shirataki
6-8 Shiitake mushroom
1 stalk Leeks
1 carrots
1/2 Sweet Onion
7oz Chrysanthemum Leaves
2 packs Udon Noodle
1 cup for sukiyaki sauce Sake
1 cup for sukiyaki sauce Mirin
1/4 cup for sukiyaki sauce Sugar
1 cup of sukiyaki sauce Soy Sauce
2 tbs Vegetable Oil
1.5cup Beef Broth

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AirGO Sukiyaki (beef udon noodle dish with vegetables)

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    Is it nice to have a warm and easy meal in one pot? AirGO sukiyaki has the simple way to present that meal.



    Prepare Ingredients

    -Thinly sliced beef loin (shabu shabu style)
    -AirGO grill 420F for 15mins ,2 side pan fired tofu, then sliced tofu about pinkie wide
    - Clean and drain well all the vegetable.
    Napa cabbage
    Shirataki ( yam noodles)
    Shiitake mushrooms
    Leeks ( Sliced to pinkie length, separate to green and white part )
    Sliced Carrots
    Sliced Sweet Onions
    Chrysanthemum Leaves
    Udon Noodles
    Mostly your own preference
    -Making Sukiyaki sauce
    1 cup sake
    1 cup mirin
    ¼ cup sugar
    1 cup soy sauce
    - If your udon is frozen, cook it in boiling water until loosen. Remove from heat and soak in iced water to prevent overcooking them. Drain and transfer to a plate covered with plastic. You will not need it till the end of the sukiyaki meal.


    Cooking with AirGO (Beef)

    -Set AirGO grill function for 420F 15mins,
    -After preheat, add oil, onion and leeks (white part) in the pan, cook until LED shows "FLIP"
    -Add thawed beef in the pan ,add 4tbs of sukiyaki sauce (premade), cook until times up.
    -Remove beef into plates for use later


    Cooking with AirGO ( Vegs)

    - Change AirGO to baseheat function, for 420F about 20-30mins
    - Place all the vegetable in the pan,
    - Add beef stock
    - Cook until all the vegetables been cooked, add more soy sauce if needed
    -Serving with Udon noodle vegetables with beef , add some soup in the bowl for a nice warm meal


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