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AirGO Cola Chicken Wings

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16pc Chicken Wings
2 tbs for marinate wings Soy Sauce
1 tbs for marinate wings Oil
1 chunk Ginger
3 pcs Green Onion
2 tbs Dark soy sauce
1 can (12oz) Cola
pinch Salt

AirGO Cola Chicken Wings

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    This is one of my favorite chicken wings receipts. It tastes savory / sweet and juicy. It is totally different from grilled, baked or fryed chicken wings. It utilizes two functions on the AirGO (airfry+baseheat) but it is easy to make. The airfry can seal the skin of the chicken wings and base heat can slowly bring the flavor cooked into the wings.



    Prepare Ingredients

    - Clean about 16 pcs chicken wings and dry them with paper towels.
    - Slice surface of the chicken wings' skin for the better flavor, and marinated with soy sauce and 1 tbs of oil for 10 mins.
    - While the chicken wing is marinating, slice one chunk of ginger for using later.
    - Cut green onion into green and white part


    Cooking with AirGO

    - Set up AirGO Airfry function for 420F about 12mins with parchment paper.
    - After preheat, add wings in the pan evenly.
    - Close the lid and cook until LED shows "FLIP"
    - Flip the wings and add sliced ginger and white part of green onion into the pan
    - Close lid and cook until time's up.
    - Remove parchment paper from pan (leave the wing in there)

    - Add 1 can of cola, 2 tbs dark soy sauce, pinch of salt in the pan.

    - Change to AirGO to baseheat 420F for 30mins (during the base heat function, don't close the lid)
    - Cook until the sauce is boiling, then add green part of onion.
    - Cook until the sauce is reduced and becomes thicker.
    - Remove the wings from the pan and serve.


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